PassFaces: Two Factor Authentication for the Enterprise

Passfaces are graphical passwords that use faces as a unique verification technology for secure logon. Offering two factor authentication to provide a high level of authentication assurance, Passfaces supports a wide range of operating environments in which strong authentication is required. Passfaces Web Access easily integrates with existing security systems in financial, government, healthcare, and corporate networks. Passfaces is completely intuitive to use and combines two way authentication – user-to-site and site-to-user – in a single, reliable process.
Passfaces is a unique strong authentication technology that works with existing security systems to supplement or replace the use of passwords for system access. Passfaces uses human faces rather than alphanumeric entries to validate a user’s identity. This patented technology is only available from Passfaces.
pfwachartIt is based on the mind’s capacity to recognize faces, an ability that has evolved in all of us over millions of years. Passfaces creates a more secure online environment at costs significantly less than alternative technologies. It’s easy to implement and easy to use, making it attractive to end users.It’s true, we never forget a face. We might not be able to associate a name with a face, but the brain can recognize a face for months, or even years after the first encounter. It’s that scientific fact that serves as the basis for Passfaces technology. Users are given a random set of faces (typically 3 to 7) to serve as their secret authentication code. They are then taken through a “familiarization process” that imprints the faces in their mind. To authenticate themselves, users have to pick out their assigned faces, one at a time, from successive groups of nine faces.
Unlike other strong authentication technologies, Passfaces validates the actual user and not items like tokens or smart cards. Since Passfaces are stored in your mind instead of a computer or piece of hardware, remote users can log onto a secure site from any location. There is no software required on the end user’s system. There’s nothing to lose or break. Unlike passwords that are too often forgotten, written down, easily guessed, or even shared, Passfaces are easily recognized, difficult to describe, share, and are all but impossible to guess. According to cognitive psychologists, recognition is a much stronger form of memory than either recall or cued recall. This distinction is core to the Passfaces technology.
PassFaces greenPassfaces is a breakthrough, patented technology that uses the brain’s natural power to recognize familiar faces. Passfaces authentication is based on a graphical password that provides bidirectional, interactive authentication.It verifies both the site to the user and the user to the site. Passfaces protects users from fraud and identity theft related to e-commerce, social networking, and online banking.
Passfaces Web Access is an application developer’s kit that provides developers and system integrators everything they need to add Passfaces to customer applications. It includes a Software Developers Kit (SDK) with Server-side Java Class Package, Passfaces Library (database of faces), and the User Interface (client). It includes end user licenses based on the number of active online users.
Passfaces Web Access client and help section are customizable. Both can be easily customized to include the company’s logo as well as the look and feel of the company website.
Passfaces authentication is used to augment or even replace the existing user passwords in Web applications. It both simplifies the end user authentication experience and significantly increases security. Passfaces allows the administrator to chose the required number of faces for logon, allowing for additional security as needed. Passfaces dramatically reduces password help-desk calls and the need for password policy and reset procedures.

Custom User Interface

Passfaces Web Access includes a customizable user interface for the Web client. Easily add your company logo, change background colors, and customize the text.

Passfaces Web Access Components

Passfaces Web Access is a complete applications development kit that contains components for developing in a variety of environments including: Java API, Windows HTTP API, Java HTTP API, and with a separate Passfaces Server.

High Security

Two factor = strong authentication
Two way = mutual authentication
Cognometric = personal authentication

User Convenience

No tokens to lose or forget
Fully mobile: use on any PC, iPhone etc.
Completely intuitive: works every time

Low Cost

Uses existing password infrastructure
No new servers or databases
Deploys in days – not weeks

Although Passfaces can run on dedicated hardware, it is designed to run on existing Windows and UNIX-based security systems so that no additional hardware is required. The reference implementation is a simple JSP application that will run on Java servlet-capable application servers. The Passfaces Library is a database of serialized .JPG files from which you assign a user’s Passface authentication set. The User Interface, or Passfaces Client, comprises a highly parameterized JavaScript, Active X component, and Java applet that represent the core of the Passfaces system.

Face Database

The standard Passfaces Image Library contains 135 face images; additional sets of face images are added to the Library every year. These images are in JPEG format and have unique filenames that are used to identify the face image. Custom Image Libraries are also available.

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