The CAT Identity Management and Access Control system is a comprehensive solution that offers a range of CAT authentication tools for the different types of users and environments that connect with the CAT Protected server.

– The same enterprise can use a mix of the provided CAT Security tokens and tools.
– The enterprise can manage any number of web sites and Networks.
– Use the CAT to prevent Identity Theft, Phishing, Password Stealing, replace old tokens.
– The CAT is consistent with the reference architecture set forth by Open Authentication (OATH) organization
  and compliant with the OATH TOTP algorithm proposed as a standard within the IETF.
– Best alternative to hardware tokens. Soft Java OTP Token. Secured by password. The ultimate solution for Web sites.
– SMS OTP generated at the CAT Authentication Server is sent on request to the user for a second authentication factor.
– Windows software token to manage all your CAT OTPs and passwords on your PC and/or Notebook.
– A CAT Security Token for PDAs , Pocket PCs and Cellular running Windows Mobile operating system.
– An alternative to purchasing an OTP server. Use the eAuthentication API for Strong Authentication at your web site

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