From personal social media tips and other education to enterprise-wide identity authentication, our Products and Services address a wide variety of cyber-security needs.


ProvenSecure’s planned product offerings include software and systems that address a variety of cybersecurity needs.

Our Services

ProvenSecure can help you learn more about securing your identity in today. Our SecurityMinute videos offer quick (and free) training and tips on maintaining control of your personal information (and your personal “brand”) in today’s ever changing world of social media. Watch for our more extensive security e-learning offerings in the near future. Read more…

Our Partners’ Products

ProvenSecure has partnered with leading providers of security and authentication products.



Authentify – Online, it’s a world in which anyone might know the usernames, passwords, account numbers, SSN’s and other information belonging to your users. How do you protect their accounts? By making contact with the legitimate account owner via a separate and trusted communication channel and making certain the legitimate user is in control of the account.



offers out of band identify verification using one-time passwords sent to a user’s mobile device.


PassFaces lets you implement photo/graphical password security on your desktop or mobile computing devices. Contact us for more information on how these these products may fit your needs, and how we can help you implement them in your enterprise.

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