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ProvenSecure Awarded Cyber Fast Track Research Grant

NETCONG, NJ, August 5th. 2013.
ProvenSecure Solutions, LLC (PSS), a private New Jersey based Cyber Security Solutions firm, has been awarded a task order to support the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s ( DARPA) innovative Cyber Fast Track Programs. DARPA is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.
The PSS Team is comprised of IT specialists and entrepreneurs, as well as innovators of group communications, social trust processes, and cyber security research, from New Jersey Institute of Technology over the last thirty years. For this project, they will be collaborating with scientists at Clarkson University to research A Risk Mitigation Metric for Multi-Factor Authentication Systems. PSS CFT Project Leader, Stephen P. King, says: “We are eager to engage in this project and are confident it will establish firm methods with which to properly measure and control the emerging risk paradigm in the cyber community’s transition to multi-factor authentication as the new norm Our research will explore “beyond Bayesian” statistical methods for this application.”
PSS CTO Rao Bhamidipati stated: “With increasing security threats to Government facilities and systems and increasingly aggressive industrial espionage, this research and the resulting cyber security technology is critical and broadly applicable to all enterprises that need to protect intellectual property or customer information; including companies in the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, media, engineering and technology consulting, innovative small enterprises, as well as the SmartGrid and physical infrastructure industries like utilities, oil and gas etc., to ensure safety and privacy of assets and people”.
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