Custom Solutions

In addition to products offered off the shelf, ProvenSecure Solutions is a capable provider of security solutions that are customer specific. PSS is ready to Customize a Diversified Threat Management Solution right where it has to be.

Custom Products Example – On Line Banking Use Case – PROVENID TM

Providing Personal Levels of Assurance (PLoA) with Adaptive, Multi-Factor, Multi-Modal, Risk based, 2-Way Banking Authentication and Authorization System (AMMR-BAAS)
This proposal is addressing the need for a more robust, reliable, and effective method for Authentication and Authorization of Customer access to Banking services. Read more…

Trustworthy Computing Solutions

ProvenSecure Solutions thrives on producing cost-effective solutions focused on convenience and a great User eXperience with what appears to be a byproduct of very high security, IDentity Management, Adaptive Multi-Factor, Multi-Modal, Authentication (AMMA), and Risk Based Authorization. Read more…

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