Team Members

Individuals from diverse backgrounds bring years of experience, understanding of real-world problems,
and knowledge of what today’s cyber environment demands.

Roman Anderson

has an extensive, 20+ year background in systems and networking fields. In addition to his long experience in systems logistics and integration, Roman also brings his expertise in network security, software-as-a-service, cloud computing, and IT strategic planning to the ProvenSecure team.

V Rao Bhamidipati

brings over 20 years of business, technology and entrepreneurial experience to ProvenSecure. He has been involved with delivering business process and IT services to market sectors that include consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, financial service and travel & entertainment. As a result, he brings to ProvenSecure a perspective on the security needs of a wide variety of product and service providers as well as consumers.

Allen Francom

is a Software Architect with an extensive background in banking, web infrastructure, on-line applications, and expert systems. His technical skill set and experience make him a “Swiss Army Knife” resource within ProvenSecure; comfortable with the entire process of delivering products and services from conceptual design through development and prototyping to final delivery.

Stephen Paul King

is one of the principal conceptual designers of ProvenSecure products and services. A veteran of the US Navy, his autodidactical training has been built upon an expansive reading list, interaction with experts in the fields of interest and an unquenchable curiosity. Stephen is an innovative philosopher of science who is quite at home with the theory and mathematics that underlie many of the challenges of cybersecurity today.

Arek Mateusiak

is ProvenSecure’s graphic designer, web programming and database development specialist. Besides being responsible for the look and feel of ProvenSecure’s web presence, he is also involved with any web-based product and service offerings in ProvenSecure’s portfolio.

Bob O’Brien

brings a variety of technical as well as administrative experience and skills to ProvenSecure. His chemical engineering education and long experience designing and building real-time response systems first in the scientific world and then in the financial world provide a technical background that serves him well in the cybersecurity environment. His PMP certification and experience in budgeting and overseeing portfolios involving hundreds of projects and thousands of resources bring the organization and control that allows ProvenSecure to deliver its products and services efficiently.

Marty Pisano

brings his entrepreneurial and marketing experience to ProvenSecure. As president of MediaNow, Inc (a company with international experience in delivering unified digital media solutions, and one of ProvenSecure’s strategic partners), he also brings contacts and experience in working with government contracts.

Bill Whitescarver

served as an NCO in military duty, and has held numerous leadership positions in industry associations and community organizations. His career has offered a wide spectrum perspective of organizational behavior. From senior level management to blue collar labor to entrepreneur, he has engaged expertise in information technology, general business systems, finance, sales/marketing, human resources and labor relations.

Ken Williams

Strategic Planning and Business Development for ProvenSecure Solutions, LLC. Ken a relative newcomer to IT projects has extensive experience in design, project development, project management, and marketing of real estate projects. He has broad experience in bringing projects successfully before various governmental bodies. He has served as a director or chair on various boards both in private business and in a public capacity. He oversees the drafting, review, and execution of documents, contracts and agreements for ProvenSecure.

Paul Dube

Paul Dube

brings a lifetime of focus on the people, processes, and tools needed to achieve the organizational goals of ProvenSecure. To Paul, technology is not a “solution”; it is a tool that can be leveraged to enhance processes, empower people, and enable achievement. Paul is a problem solver who listens to the customer, whether internal or external, homes in on their true needs, uncovers the real obstacles, and charts a path to delivering maximum value. Then implements that plan in a tactical manner with a strategic focus.


Jim Whitescarver

has a rich information technology and research background including 25 years research staff and adjunct faculty at NJIT, banking and brokerage, enterprise applications, web development and security. In the words of one of his associates, “Jim Whitescarver has been regarded to be technological ‘seer’ for decades. He sees opportunities to create new and breakthrough types of systems. And he has the technical skills to build them.”

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