Our Vision

We envision an internet that gives individuals and corporations ownership of their identities and control over their intellectual property. We envision an internet that secures personal and financial assets — everything from blogs to bank accounts. We envision an environment where we can reliably identify ourselves and protect our assets based on parameters that uniquely determine who we are.

Our Mission

ProvenSecure Solutions, LLC will provide solutions and services that will afford individuals a reasonable degree of control over their personal information and assets without compromising the goal of authenticating identity.

We will provide solutions and services to help ensure that an individual’s financial information, intellectual property and privacy are protected while still addressing the needs of the commercial, corporate and/or government entities they are dealing with.

We will provide solutions that offer scalable multi-factor identity authentication which will allow users to determine the degree of security they require to address the risks they face.

We will provide solutions and services that will help keep individuals and corporations safe from the damage that imposters and other malicious attackers can wreak.

Our Team

The ProvenSecure team consists of a number of highly experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds. Together, they not only provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of art in identity authentication systems and the science and mathematics behind that art, but they also bring years of business and real-world experience. We understand not only the real-world problems and issues, but also the desires and expectations of today’s technology users.
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